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Ellis House


Ellis House book cover Jolted awake from a recurring nightmare, clinical psychologist, Grace Morgan rushes to Ellis House to de-escalate Emily Rowan, a suicidal client who was admitted to the facility several hours earlier. Grace quickly learns that managing unstable clients is the least of her worries at Ellis House, the group home for emotionally disturbed children where she recently accepted employment. Recent budget cuts and long hours exacerbate the conflict between the residential staff and the mental health professionals. Although she acknowledges the frustration among the staff, she does not understand the overt hostility directed towards her from a newly hired clinician who constantly defies her authority.

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Barbara Levy, the residential director of the group home, is also adversarial, intent on seeing Grace and the clinical program fail. But why, and what is her real agenda? Despite Barbara’s bullying Grace finds the unlikely support of Corrine Duschene, a residential shift supervisor. Suspiciously, Corrine disappears the night she discloses to Grace a longstanding pattern of corrupt practices at the group home. The police investigation changes from missing persons to homicide when Corrine’s frozen remains are found several months later.

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Grace’s personal life isn’t progressing any more smoothly than her professional one. As she adjusts to her husband, Elliot Morgan’s, move to California to complete his doctorate, she develops a sick feeling in the pit of her stomach. Grace acknowledges that she and Elliot, have had their problems, but is his relationship with his fellow intern more than collegial? Or is she just being paranoid? Grace enlists the help of a private investigator in hopes of alleviating her fears.

As her personal life spins out of control and she faces her husband’s betrayal, Grace immerses herself in Emily’s case. She confronts her client to unravel the truth about her father’s death, and her mother’s recurrent suicide attempts. Grace refuses to have Emily follow down this same path to self-destruction. This proves extremely difficult when Emily runs away with Raymond Reid, a patient with secrets of his own.

Grace pushes herself to unravel the mysteries at Ellis House, including the CEO’s unwillingness to stop Barbara’s blatant abuse of power. Grace faces her unsettling belief that staff and clients at Ellis House know more about Corrine’s death than they are willing to admit. Forced to confront Corrine’s killer, Grace ultimately uncovers the truth, a truth which almost costs her life.

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